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Being a Florida Gator fan can mean many things to different people. To some, it’s all about football. Spending Fall Saturdays slamming hotdogs at 9 am and pissing your pants in a blacked out stupor by noon. The roar of a Swamp full of chomping frat bros and cute sorority girls pretending to know which team is Florida. The undeserved feeling of accomplishment from watching a game alone at home because you’re “just too into it” to be around people.

To others, being a Gator is about the school and the time spent there. The evenings at the frat house trying on new polos and almost drunkenly kissing your roommate during a pledge “prank.” The nights out with friends drugging girls and beating townies. Or that time you played a prank on some nerds that ended with a police officer violently shooting a 14-foot python on live television.

Maybe your sorority sisters were the ones who made you a lifelong Gator fan. The late nights doing each other’s makeup and throwing up the salad you shared for dinner. The way they would always look out for you and tell you not to date a guy while they secretly blew him and all his friends in a dorm room gangbang later that same day. Or the way they would always give you a hug and make you less embarrassed for getting a bloody nose after cranking a line of Adderall off a naked 32-year-old alumni on Homecoming weekend.

All of these things are precious memories that need to be cherished and celebrated. At SweetBands, we see no better way to make these memories than by tossing on a Chomp Band, slamming another beer, and rushing into a bad decision. Because, hey, you’re only in Gainesville for 5…maybe 6 years max. Get out there and enjoy it.

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